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The Kids Martial Arts programs at A4 not only develop the most well-rounded martial artists, but focuses on teaching CONFIDENCE, FOCUS, DISCIPLINE, and RESPECT!

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Ever since starting in martial arts at A4, our daughter has shown increased focus in school, better cooperation at home, and higher respect for culture and tradition.

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Kids Boxing Classes

With our modern twist on sport boxing, children learn to challenge themselves in our programs in ways they might not get from traditional programs.

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A4 is proud that our Kids Karate & Martial Arts program is one of the strongest in Los Angeles. There’s a reason for that: We’ve proven to not only develop the most well-rounded martial artists, but also well-rounded, focused, confident young men and women! The professional Karate instructors at A4 combine physical activity, fun, and important life lessons to help children be more self-disciplined and yet also more creative; and to be strong, respectful young people who make thoughtful, sound decisions in their lives. Please join us and watch how A4 Los Angeles Martial Arts program can transform your child into the person you know he or she can be!

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